Save the Last Epitaph

A commemorative inscription. Laud. Poem. A sign of brevity.

Epitaphs travel the length and breath of each moment only to seek immortalization in the indentation of a lithic element. Words carry meaning and instill the vitality a living person once held in ways voice can no longer gratify.

The Historic Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh, North Carolina resembles any other cemetery in that it serves one purpose: honor the dead. Whether through burials or cremations, each interment allows families to grieve and remember past lives. To the last words and the impressions left behind…

Let Us Cross The River

Darling, We Miss You

Touched So Many Lives As Husband, Dad, Granddad And Friend

In His Mouth Was Found No Guile

I Love You More

“We May Lose And We May Win, But We Will Never Be Here Again. Take It Easy…”

Blessed Are The Pure In Heart

So Teach Us To Number Our Days That We May Apply Our Hearts Unto Wisdom

Two Cousins Playing Together Forever

Tend The Garden Of My Grave
Plant It With Life, Be Brave
And Somehow Let Me Know, Oh Do
I Have Not Died In You

In Memory Of My Devoted Husband.
Sleep On, Dear Huband Take Thy Rest,
I Miss You Most, Who Loved You Best,
God Took You Home, It Was His Will,
But In My Heart You Are Living Still.

I Told You That It Was Hard…

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